Programme stages

'Shape 3010' is a two-year participation process with citizens to make plans for Kessel-Lo. Together we formulate policy recommendations on the streets, squares and neighborhoods of the future. We also think about the new mobility plan. This we do by regularly giving every citizen the chance to participate, for example by asking their opinion. With their input, a randomly selected citizens' panel of 25 Kessels will get to work on each issue.

In this way we hope to bring change to the streets, squares and neighborhoods very quickly. Why is this change necessary? Because in Kessel-Lo, too, the population is growing, traffic is increasing and summers are becoming hotter and drier.

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    Stage 1: question


    What did we ask you? 
    We held a large online survey among the citizens of Kessel-Lo, asking about public space.

    On the one hand, we wanted to get the citizens thinking about their neighbourhood. On the other hand, we used the results of the survey in a summary. We also wanted to gather input for the citizen panel. The panel members looked at the results and drew up 10 priorities for Kessel-Lo.

    Stage 2: generate ideas


    What did we ask you?
    We gave these priorities back to the Kesselaars. How would they develop these priorities in their neighborhoods? We were not only looking for inspiration, but also for concrete points to improve mobility.

    With all this input, the citizens' panel, together with experts, determined objectives with which the priorities can be realized. This broad set of objectives gives direction to the desired future image for the public space of Kessel-Lo.

    From those objectives, the citizens' panel looks at rough scenarios for mobility. With everything they have learned in the past year, they work with a study bureau on different scenarios for the mobility plan. The panel checks those scenarios against all the established objectives and looks at how we can achieve as many objectives as possible.

    Stage 3: plan


    What do we ask of you?
    In early 2022, we will present you with all the scenarios from the citizen panel and the study bureau. You can give feedback on these scenarios. The citizens' panel and the research bureau will then process this feedback into a preferred scenario. The agency will develop this into a plan that we will present to you in April.

    What do we want to achieve? 
    We want to draw up a plan for Kessel-Lo that takes mobility into account, but also all other priorities and objectives. Therefore, the citizens' panel is drafting policy recommendations that take all input into account. In June 2022, these advices should then lead to a decision on the mobility plan.

    Stage 4: involving residents

    And now? When do we come to you?
    When we introduce major mobility measures in a neighborhood, we schedule roundtable discussions. Also when we rebuild a street or a square, introduce speed reduction measures (in response to the introduction of a 30-zone) or when major developments are planned and we draw up a master plan (e.g. for the Leuven North science park), we involve the inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

    Take action yourself
    With Kom op voor je wijk, neighbors can submit their own ideas to beautify their street or a square in the neighborhood. More information on