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What and why?

In the next two years, the city of Leuven and Leuven 2030 want to rethink the public space of Kessel-Lo and they want to do that together with the inhabitants of Kessel-Lo itself. On the one hand, consulting the broad population of Kessel-Lo, and on the other hand, coming together intensively with a fixed group of 25 inhabitants who will form the citizens' panel.

What does this citizens' panel do exactly?

The citizens' panel is made up of 25 inhabitants, drawn from the population of Kessel-Lo, who will meet up regulary for a whole year. They will use the findings and ideas of all the inhabitants of Kessel-Lo and combine that with the knowledge of experts. In this way, the citizens' panel provides the town council with recommendations and contributes to concrete plans, including a mobility plan.

Why a citizens' panel?

The citizens' panel is the place where different opinions meet and where a group works on a vision of the future. It is an innovative way of shaping the city in cooperation with its citizens. Municipal councillors are not members of the citizens' panel.

Why exactly 25 citizens?

The citizens' panel consists of 25 citizens because that is a feasible number of members. It ensures diverse opinions and visions and the same time, it is still workable to have meetings in a digital environment (due to Corona) with this amount of people.