28 goals for Kessel-Lo

In the spring, the citizens' panel, together with experts, set priorities for Kessel-Lo. They gave direction to the desired future image of the public domain around three themes: meeting, displacement and climate robustness. As part of those priorities, Kesselaars submitted 842 ideas about their ideal streets, squares and neighbourhoods. From this, the citizens' panel, together with experts, determined objectives for the Kessel-Lo of the future.

The objectives form the basis for the further course of the process. In addition, a consultancy will use them as input for a mobility plan. In the autumn, all Kesselaars will once again have the opportunity to enter into a dialogue about that plan.

The citizen panel wants Kessel-Lo to be primarily a residential environment, where greenery and quality of life/comfort are paramount. That future is based on 28 objectives, linked to the 10 priorities.

© Elise Kiesekoms